Payment Service Provider (PSP) / Gateway Advantages

  • Global coverage for all cards, from all issuers and schemes, without active issuer involvement or technical links.

  • Uses existing gatekeeping of issuer banking portals and issuer KYC (Know Your Customer) data.

  • Eliminates security gaps and fraud migration to other card types.

  • Reduces back office costs by mitigating fraud.

  • Provides new transactional revenue stream (model is based on user (merchant) pays fee for service). Unit cost of authentication passed to merchant.

  • Single point integration to single domain (1D) rather than complex 3 domain (3D) integration.

  • Rapid integration, low cost, no new databases or networks.

  • Promotes the gateway as safe processing centre for merchants.

  • Compliant with European Central Bank Regulations 31/1/13 for online payments.
  • Every Card, No limitations : Securely authenticating online payments from all cards on any IP device


    Compliments 3D Secure / Securecode / JSecure/ Safekey

    • Merchant Protect can work together with and compliment 3DSecure/ Securecode / Safekey / JSecure.

    • Plug the security gaps arising from non enrolled cards. Merchant Protect can authenticate 100% of cards, issued anywhere, by any issuer under any card scheme - automatically.

    • Merchant Protect and 3DS can be used side by side – where 3DS cannot authenticate (ie circa 80% of cases), the transaction can be passed to Merchant Protect for authentication.

    • Merchant Protect can be used as the 2nd Factor for 1st Factor 3DS implementations (i.e. instead of SMS based systems.