Customer Advantages

Merchant Protect is an anonymous, secure, automated process for contactless authentication of credit card payments.

Credit card holders can now authenticate individual payments, on a case by case basis, without the use of complex processes, software or additional hardware or token devices.

Just like a signature at the point of purchase in a physical store, Merchant Protect is uniquely traceable back to the cardholder - providing confidence and security on each transaction.

Its easy, safe and completely anonymous!.

  • All you need is access your online banking in your usual way. You use your already trusted online banking as part of the process.

  • The authentication keys are real debits charged to your credit card that add up to the agreed total of your order. As these are not "dummy" transactions, there is no delay to your order. Retrieve and provide these debits in order to authenticate your order.

  • No need to send personal identity documents such as drivers license or passport scans.

  • No advance sign up process or requirement to disclose personal data.

  • Fast Authentication with SMS One Time Password (OTP) and PIN once mobile is registered.

  • Register at a time convenient to you within 10 days following the initial transaction. Registration carries over to be used with all merchants connected to our system.

  • All cards accepted. Card and IP Device Agnostic.

  • Authentication is secure and as unique as a signature, as its premised on dynamic one time password to achieve authentication. Only the card holder will be able to provide the one time password (the debit charges that add up to the sale total) by accessing the associated online or telephone banking linked to the credit card.

  • Does not delay the purchase process, as authentication is real time.

  • Full Credit Card details are never stored by us.

  • You may enrol your card and link your mobile during any primary authentication process. Card Enrolment and providing your mobile phone is optional.

    Completely anonymous. Your online banking is accessed independently by you, and authentication details are re-keyed by you into the authentication page (link provided at time of order). Authentication uses only your order number as assigned by the merchant as a reference.

    Every Card, No limitations : Securely authenticating online payments from all cards on any IP device


    Anonymous & Safe

    We never ask for your personal details, including your name, email, age, full credit card details or contact phone.

    We aren't given any of these details by the merchant either - and we use an anonymous reference to monitor the authentication process, so we do not store any data that is of any real value.

    As our authentication process relies on the security gatekeeping of the issuing bank, without any complex technical interlinks or commercial requirements.

    That in turn satisfies the requirement for strong authentication, as only the legitimate cardholder will have access to the one time passwords accessible from their credit card statement.